Third Party Logistics Services

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Best Logistics ISO 9001 certificated
Best Logistics started out in Taiwan and expanded all the way to United States, specializes in: warehouse planning, import demolition, warehousing, storage, transportation, distribution, factory deliveries, value-added services, and e-commerce.
The transportation channel covers PX-mart, Costco, Carrefour, RT-Mart, a-mart, RSI , Family Mart, POYA, Watsons, Simple Mart, Tree mall, PC Home, Yahoo, department stores, and shopping malls.
The types of product that BEST logistics is currently handling: daily necessities, food, healthcare, Care products, beverages, electronics, etc.
Contacts us   (Taiwan) +886-3-4202810 Ext 45 Miss Lee
  (U.S.A.) +1.408.940.0036 Miss Rita